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Omer Arbel explores the intrinsic mechanical, physical, and chemical qualities of materials as fundamental departure points for making work. Arbel’s pieces have been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Mallett, Monte Clark Gallery and Dimore Gallery. He is the recipient of the 2010 Ronald J. Thom Award for Early Design Achievement and the 2015 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Allied Arts Medal. Omer Arbel is the creative director of Bocci.

Omer Arbel Office is a creative practice spanning multiple scales and cultural-economic contexts to include building design, industrial design, materials research, sculpture, invention, and high craft manufacturing.

#600–1706 West 1st Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6J 0E4


2015 / Fused Glass

30 results from a fusing technique whereby numerous glass rods are exposed to a gradient of high temperatures for prolonged intervals of time. In this controlled environment, the circular profiles of each individual glass rod fuse into to a multi-faceted crystalline configuration. Introducing rods of different hue, opacity and diameter results in a self-regulating optical / geometrical system.

Photography and video by Gwenael Lewis