2009 / Blown glass, electrical components

28 is an exploration of fabrication process which is part of OAO’s quest for specificity in manufacturing. Instead of designing form itself, here the intent was to design a system that produces form. We developed a method that has loose parameters built into it which produce a different shape in every iteration of the fabrication procedure. Thus, every 28 made is formally different from any other 28 in existence.

Victoria & Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert Museum commission involved 280 mouth blown 28 series spheres cascading more than 30 metres from the museum’s vaulted ceiling. Copper tube suspension was introduced, adding volume and presence to the piece. The intent was to contrast the monumental height, symmetry and austerity of the V&A atrium with the colour and compositional awkwardness of the installation.

Photography by Gwenael Lewis, Robert Kezeire, and Nick Barr

V&A Installation

V&A Installation