2021 / Beeswax

64 was launched as a non-fungible token (NFT) on Monday 22nd March. The recipe for the 64 candle along with a process video got sold in an edition of 64 for 0.05 ETH (~$120 CAD at the time of the launch) each through the digital collectibles platform Rarible.

64 is a project, dating back to 2018, in which the solid and liquid states of wax and water are organized into a kind of choreography. Molten beeswax is allowed to cool around a wick inside a centrifugal chamber filled with shards of ice, creating a very delicate radial filigree of wax tendrils. Transportation of the delicate artifact is near impossible, so the candle is cast into a protective cube of ice that is allowed to melt only once the candle has reached its final destination. Thus, the act of burning the candle becomes but one of many chapters in the ritual of its making, transport, and eventual disintegration. For further information see: 64.

“As a studio and creative team, we place ideas and innovation at the forefront of product development. This means that certain concepts can be limited by the restraints of physical materials.

64 is one such piece, which has not been widely accessible to the public in its physical form. In the process of making it, we have reached an artifact that is so incredibly delicate that it would be impossible to actually own this. In fact it’s more delicate than any glass or porcelain objects which we have created.

Physically moving the object is a real challenge so with NFT we found a way to offer both work and a conceptual idea,” Omer Arbel.