Flagship Store

2018 / Tin Tiles, One-way Mirrors, Granite, Maple Floorboards, High Density Foam

This interior project, the flagship store for the accessories and apparel brand Herschel Supply, began with a spatial interpretation of three themes we found hidden within the Herschel brand. Herschel Forever explores the meteoric growth of the young brand across various cultural landscapes and markets within a very short period of time. Optical devices such as one and two way mirrors, in conjunction with careful control of light levels, are positioned such that they multiply the image of stacked product, suggesting infinity. You = Me = Herschel explores the brand’s foundational commitment to the idea of egalitarian community. A family of figurative sculptures commissioned from various artists occupy a central position in the space, forming a misshapen, awkward but somehow in-tune group, perhaps suggesting a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Here, there, Herschel explores the brand’s ethos of travel. Screens showing day to day non-events in other places are deployed to vividly suggest the coexistence of the current reality in the store with many others just beyond, or perhaps within, reach.