2019 / Concrete, Cedar, Glass

94.2 is the first of series of 16 residences on a clifftop site in the American Pacific Northwest.

The project makes use of a technique of tumbling cedar burl offcuts (a high-quality waste product of the local logging industry) to create numerous boulder shaped modules ranging in size from 150 – 350mm.  These wood boulders are bundled in large baskets and used as void forms against which concrete is cast, creating the rooms and skylights of the residence, and leaving a negative impression of their form as interior finish.

After the concrete cures, the now petrified wood boulders are mounted to metal standoffs on the cliff facing west façade, to create a cloud-like building envelope.  This suspended wooden skin creates a kinetic performance as the stones gently knock and sway alongside their forested surroundings.  Over time, mosses and lichens will grow on the wood boulders, creating a living veil.

In contrast, the east façade of the house is buried, allowing the forest to extend up over the roof to the cliff’s edge.  Entry is through a discreet path set between retaining walls, contrasting the experience of entering a cavernous underground space to the sudden discovery of being suspended over the edge of the cliff.

Steps: 1, 2, 3

Steps: 4, 5, 6

Date: 2019 – present
Gross floor area: 2,900 ft2 | 270 m2
Client: Governors Point Land LP
Designer: Omer Arbel Office
Contractor: Jason Wheeler of Instinct Builders
Structural: Toby Fast of Fast + Epp Structural Engineers
Geotechnical: Aspect Consultants

Project Leader: Kathryn Lamoureux
Project Team: Omer Arbel, Randy Bishop, Kevin Isherwood, Kathryn Lamoureux, Jaedan Leimert.
Model Team: Mike Bjelos, Brooklyn Bombardier, Christa Clay, Steve Fassezke, Kevin Isherwood, Jaedan Leimert, Jay MacDonnell, Glenn Muxlow, Jason Murphy, Thomas Nichini, Jess Sarber, Deagan McDonald, Johann Tarves